Impacts on the human biology

Within the last hundred years, we have moved into an era where, for the first time, the human and all other living organisms, must adapt to the electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) generated by technology. EMFs superimpose themselves on the natural electromagnetic fields in which humans have always bathed, the EM field of the Earth, visible light, microcosmic waves coming from , and infrared among others. EMF’s are classified into two parts: ionizing waves (with faster wave cycles like X-rays and Gamma rays) and non-ionizing waves (in the spectrum between radio waves, microwaves, wi-fi, cell waves and other technological devices). It is common for non-ionizing waves to be defined as safe for humans and not harmful to health, while it is said that ionizing waves cause damage to DNA. We will explore the difference between non-ionizing waves and ionizing waves in further detail, as well as their potential health impacts, in this two-part article

Who can we trust?

We are already bombed from everywhere in but the upcoming arrival of 5G technology will be a new step in this cycle where pulsed waves will invade our spaces. For now, the previous 2, 3 and 4G technologies use wavelengths up to 4Ghz. 5G technology seems to want to exploit a wavelength of 3.6 Gigahertz at first, but the sex appeal of the bandwidth of 60Ghz is promising for the telecommunications market and that is why the quantum leap in adaptation will still be the most important. In addition, these waves will be combined with those of 2, 3 and 4G and that is why it is important to question their impact on health and the environment.

Obviously, scientific studies carried out by telecommunications companies have not been able to detect a danger linked to these waves. The national frequency agencies insist that the acceptable threshold of waves toxicity will not be exceeded either with 5G, cell phones, or relay antennas. These thresholds, which several countries already , are made on the recommendation of the ICNIRP, the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, a commission that seems to care very much for the protection of the population. However, it appears that several members of the board of directors are in a conflict of interest, and that the commission itself was set up by the giants[1].

In the ICNIRP guide of recommendations released for 2020, there are indeed effects of 5G infrastructures on health that are detailed. In particular, cell permeability, as well as a rise in body temperature is discussed, although in relationship to levels of exposure that are much higher than those used by the industry (including that of proposed 5G infrastructure)[2].

However, part of the population worries and requests a moratorium so that real studies are made by uninvolved parties that would be able to confirm or deny the real danger presented by 5G’s frequencies. Some studies already demonstrate neuropsychological effects in humans due to the exposure of technological EMF’s like depression and other neurotransmitter deregulations[3]. More and more independent studies demonstrate the damaging effects on DNA by the activation of free radicals and decline in fertility, specifically in men.

It is interesting to note the recent position of Holland on the subject. While the ICNIRP commission has, to many people’s surprise, recently revised the permissible exposure rate for high-voltage lines from 100,000 to 200,000 nanoTesla, Holland has bought back more than 1,300 houses under the lines at high voltages and lowered its recommendations for citizens to place the limit at 400 nanoTesla. This decision was done when a dozen studies demonstrated the links between exposure and an abnormally high rate of childhood leukemia[4].

The arrival of 5G

On the other hand, while the entire population is confined to quarantine and social distancing measures affect almost countries, the installation of 5G, considered to be an essential service, is underway. in particular with the authorization from the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) given during the last month to Elon Musk and his Starlink service to build and deploy 1 million relay antennae on the ground. These antennas will send pulsed waves over short distances and must be installed every 100 or 200 meters. According to Martin Pall Ph.D., Professor Emeritus in Biology and Medicine at the University of Washington and EMF researcher, funding for research on EMF’s by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States has been since 1986. Funding granted to the National Health Institute was also cut a few years ago. Can we trust these citizens’ health protection commissions when telecommunications lobbying seems to be taking over?

It would seem essential that the moratorium, as well as and requests for studies on the impact of EMF’s on health proposed by more than 170 scientists from 37 countries, are listened to[5]. An open letter to the European Union indicates that the fear of these scientists is towards the technologies, which produce EMF’s, and in particular the arrival of 5G. In this letter, they demonstrate support for a US study carried out by the National Toxicology Program at a cost of 25 million dollars, which illustrates a significant increase in heart and brain cancers in animals exposed to EMF’s well below the thresholds considered . The statement called on medicine to recognize the increasingly common electrohypersensitivity in Europe, which must be treated as a chronic disease in and of which requires prevention and specific care.

The World Health Organization (WHO) concludes on it’s website that, after 30 years of research on the subject and more than 25,000 scientific articles, exposure to man-made EMFs below the permitted thresholds is harmless for human health. WHO also denies any link between EMF’s and the neurological disorders explained above[6].

Why 60Ghz?

It seems that the 60Ghz band is making great promises in the telecommunications industry for several reasons. Firstly, there is no license required for this band while most of the bands up to 30Ghz are governed by the need to acquire a license. Secondly, the problem with wireless technologies is the interference of waves when they cross. However, the unique feature of the wavelength at 60Ghz is that it is absorbed by oxygen at 98%[7]. From a marketing point of view, this is perfect because this band cannot travel long distances and therefore cannot interfere with neighbouring signals for too long. The wave will be absorbed by the atmospheric components of O2, CO2, O3 and H2O. water and oxygen are key elements of life. There are no real studies to verify if the impact on oxygen absorption or the presence of water in living organisms will not be affected at the same time. It seems uncertain if the 60GHz is alreagy in use on the planet but we would need to understand very well the effects on human biology before using it. We can find studies on the web which indicate that 60Ghz has no genetic impact on cells in a container in the laboratory but what about living beings and their interaction with oxygen and the water?

5G and the planet

Elon Musk’ Starlink company is planning to bring thousands of satellites in low orbit to provide fast speed internet in all regions of the planet. Is it a good thing to have high speed internet access all over the world? Well, we know about Edward Snowdon, refugee in Russia for having revealed state secrets on surveillance and control via technology. He warns us that 5G is not to increase the speed of the Internet, but rather to accentuate and facilitate measures of increased surveillance. In particular, Snowdon suggests 5G technology will assist web surveillance specifially with facial recognition and geolocation, whether by Huawei or telecommunications companies in the . Which one is true? Well we will know for sure in the next few years but we know now that these satellites are affecting the observation of the night sky to astronomers. For the first time in millions of years of evolution!

The danger of EMFs and 5G

Well, we are already surrounded by 2G, 3G, and 4G technology with the 5th coming. How does it affect us? I will offer you a general approach to our understanding of health impacts in the next few paragraphs, and then delve into protection methods in the second part of this article. It should be understood that all of the studies on EMFs relate to the use of the wavelengths associated with 2,3 and 4G and that no real study has yet been done on the impact of 5G, that includes wavelengths from 3GHz to 300Ghz. To say that 5G could follow the known impacts of these predecessors is a logical extrapolation, but it still needs to be verified by independent studies.

Let’s get it straight — as a whole, man-made EMF’s are more potent to affect physical matter than natural ones because they are said to be polarizing — EMF’s emitted by the environment (natural EMF’s) are non-polarizing. Polarization affects biology more actively from an atomic point of view and particularly alters the sensitive ion exchange of the cells due to the concentration and prolonged exposure to these waves[8].

Doctor Joseph Mercola M.D., an doctor focused on functional medicine, biohacking, and ketosis, presents a summary of the possible impacts of unnatural EMF’s. One of the major impacts on cellular healthunnatural EMF’s is its interaction on calcium channels, these gates of ionic transfers on the surface of cell membranes[9].

The electric body

The minerals naturally present in the body that cells use, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and , all have an electrical charge, positive or negative. Depending on the natural balance of the ions present inside the cell, as well as those in the extracellular fluid, there is a slightly more negative charge inside the cell than in its ambient environment and the lipid membrane separates them and works to isolate these two environments. On this partition there are ion channels made up of proteins between the two media. When the cell is stimulated, the doors open and positive ions enter the cell, which induces an action potential used for different functions of the cell[10].

It has been shown that calcium channels under the influence of unnatural EMFs bring more positive ions of calcium inside the cell. The higher concentration of positive ions disturbs the ion balance and leaves room for the production of more Superoxide and other free radicals as well as a disproportionate increase in nitric oxide[11]. Even if the latter, under natural conditions, like vasodilation among others, when it is in excess, it combines with Superoxides to form a very damaging free radical called peroxynitrite. In general, oxidative damage is found in most chronic or sporadic health problems and it is one of the main vectors of toxic effects on health by the presence of EMF’s.

The problem with the production of free radicals is that they can cause damage to branches of DNA. DNA that contains information that enables the cell to reproduce and perform its functions. The damage caused can compromise the optimal functioning of the cell. However, we will see in the second part of the solution tracks to optimize the repair of damaged DNA.

Neurological and cardiac impacts of EMF’s

According to Dr. Mercola M.D., nerve cells have the highest concentration of calcium channels. The presence of EMF’s can cause an influx of calcium signalling inside the cells. At more than 1 million ions per second, this influx of calcium signalling has been shown to have significant neurological effects such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Autism
  • Learning and memory problems

Heart pacemaker cells, too, are the most sensitive to changes in calcium ions, and more sensitive people affected by unnatural EMF’s may experience symptoms like:

  • Tachycardia
  • Fibrillation of the Atria
  • Arrhythmia
  • Heart palpitations

Impacts on the reproductive system of EMFs and cancer

Calcium channels in high density are also found in the reproductive organs. In studies cited by Dr. Mercola, M.D., infertility is shown as a possible consequence of prolonged exposure to EMF’s. Where we put our cellphone in our pockets is really just too close to our precious organs for the reproduction of our species. Studies have shown reduced sperm motility and DNA fragmentation in just 4 hours of exposure[13].

Different types of cancer could also be linked to prolonged use of mobile phones, such as brain cancer and inner breast lobe cancer in women who carry their cellphones in their bras. With the cancer growing slowly, researchers are having more difficulty confirming the link at this time, especially since telecommunications companies are holding back research by refusing to provide usage data. However, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified unnatural EMF’s as a potential carcinogenic source[14].

Impacts on the immune system

Studies have also demonstrated the negative impacts of unnatural EMFs cells (IS). In experiments on mice, it was shown that there was a decrease in lymphocytes and other vital cells in the IS such as (NK cells, a type of white blood cell)[15].

Other studies show that man-made EMF’s disrupt the immune system by stimulating allergic reactions and stimulating inflammatory chains that inhibit tissue repair[16]. These impacts are demonstrated at exposure thresholds well below the limits set by international regulatory agencies.

Impacts on mitochondria

Going into the cell, we find the organelles called mitochondria, which everyone is talking about today and which are at the very basis of cellular energy production, ATP. We are always trying to optimize our mitochondria because they are the furnaces that produce energy for our cells, and therefore for our organs and our bodies. When the mitochondria are deficient, everything is worse. And at the very basis of the functioning of mitochondria is the electron transport chain. In fact, what the mitochondrion needs to produce ATP, the unit of energy usable by cells, are electrons. This cellular fuel produced by the mitochondria uses electrons, combined with oxygen and other molecules in its transport chain, to produce ATP and H2O.

Camel and bear stories

Do you know how the camel and its cousin the dromedary can last so long in the desert without water. The cellular fuel produced by the mitochondria uses electrons, combined with oxygen and other molecules in its transport chain, to produce ATP and H2O. And yes, as you read, there is water as an end product also in the electron transport system to provide ATP. The camel’s bumps are filled with fat and during its journey under the sun, the camel’s cells consume this fat as a source of energy, turning into a ketosis camel, and the mitochondria produce water there, in an intracellular way, which hydrates it. The same goes for polar bears, which normally don’t drink water. Now it turns out that scientists have now noticed that some polar bears are consuming water now, highlighting the consequences of climate change and the disappearance of food sources for these bears. They don’t have enough fat to produce their internal water.

Coming back to EMFs, in his book, The invisible rainbow, author Arthur Fistenberg defines the condition of electrohypersensitivity. The author of the book attempts to demonstrate that the accumulation of toxins in the body can make one person more vulnerable than another to the negative impacts of EMFs. In addition, he mentions the impact on EMFs on the porphyrin network and one of its enzymes called cytochrome oxidase is used in the production of ATP inside the mitochondria. Less cytochrome oxidase equals less ATP equals everything works not so well in the cell. This could explain the various symptoms associated with electrosensitivity. When they do muscle biopsies on patients suffering from chronic fatigue and anxiety, there is a marked decrease in this specific enzyme responsible for the production of ATP. We will see in Part 2 how to maintain an optimal ATP level using a few strategies.

There is also more and more evidence that the oxidative action of EMFs on the membrane of the mitochondria which alone would be the largest generators of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), a free radical very active in the intracellular medium. It would be at the origin of a theory which explains the toxicity of the cell by the production of free radicals by its own organelles[17].

Non-natural EMFs therefore have a direct impact on the very source of cellular energy in our body, the mitochondria. What will happen with the 5G overlay on this ATP production?

Viruses and EMFs

Regarding , Well, specifically, it has been shown that one of the strategies for introducing viruses into a host cell is through calcium channels[18]. Really? A recent study explains how viruses can use Ca2+ ions to cross the plasma membranes of cells or organelles. This research has supported the creation of new drugs that alter calcium channels in order to block the replication of viruses.

Note that 40% of men in China are also smokers and that smokers are much more at risk and more severely affected by COVID-19, mainly due to the ACE2 receptors in the lungs[19]. Research shows that people with a history of smoking are 14 times more

Many refute the hypothesis that 5G could increase the spread of COVID-19 by saying that several did not yet have. True, but let’s be aware that the introduction of a new layer of non-ionizing waves, which are damaging to the body and the immune system, may have a role to play in the propagation of the virus in term of facilitating its entry into the cell. I close the parenthesis without dwelling on the debate but rather to invite avenues of reflection.

Impacts on the inflammatory response

What about inflammation in the body under the influence of EMFs from technology? According to studies, EMF’s increase the inflammatory response of cells by activating pro-inflammatory cytokines and Nf-kB networks[21]. In addition, afound that the Prx-1 gene is linked to the production of antioxidants. Not only was it reduced in its functions, but also the effectiveness of exogenous antioxidants, such as resveratrol, was also weakened. These reactions are annoying for the immune system because the uncontrolled activation of the immune system can lead to chronic inflammation.

What’s next?

So how can we protect ourselves or at least positively alter these influences coming from our thirst for technology and distancing from the natural world?

There are many interesting strategies to mitigate these impacts and protect physically from these EMFs. You can find them in my 50 pages ebook on the subject on my website here. It will bring you to a 10$ donation page.

I hope you’ve like this article and i will keep on posting more!

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