Elucidate the covid-19 Pandemic with Zach Bush MD

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Understanding the underlying causes of the covid-19 pandemic.

To understand the reality behind the pandemic, we need to listen to and understand the American physician Zach Bush MD, who is bridging several disciplines to elucidate the Covid-19 pandemic. This eminent physician is recognized by his peers in functional medicine as an “Einstein of medicine” and is one of the few to be three times “Board certified” in the world. Zach Bush links the importance of biodiversity on earth and our microbiome with soil depletion, agriculture and the dramatic increase in toxins generated by human activity. He points out how the use of glyphosates in pesticides used in particular on conventional and GMO crops is a virulent disruptor of population health and the rising incidence of chronic diseases is clearly linked since their emergence between 1976 and 1980.

The following is a summary of his analysis of the Covid-19 pandemic that highlights the importance of viruses and the complete aberration of the medical system’s response in its management and understanding of the pandemic.

What is a virus

There are 1031 viruses in the air and again this number in the water and again this unimaginable number in the soil. That’s more than all the stars in the universe. We know that there are at least 3 times more bacteria in our microbiome, that is, in the digestive tract and on our skin, than there are cells in our own body. But there are even more viruses in and on us.

It is important to understand that a virus does not fit the definition of a living organism. It cannot reproduce on its own, does not produce energy, has no metabolism as such. A virus is a messenger of information, genetic information. Viruses have been present on the planet for more than 3 billion years and allow the exchange of genetic information between the cells of the same organism and between the different organisms of an ecosystem and of a planet.

Some viruses are created by our own cells. These are called exosomes, vesicles secreted by our cells sometimes in response to exogenous toxic damage or stress to alert other cells in the body.

Viruses create proteins and these can be regulated by our system or can become an attack on our immune system when they get out of control. In fact, the immune system reacts to these proteins and not to the virus itself.

The body has the ability to normally regulate the replication of viruses and their proteins within us through certain enzymes in order to receive the genetic information that viruses carry and to be able to make an upgrade, such as an “update” of a computer program.

For example, by analyzing blood banks dating back to the 1960s, it was discovered that the AIDS virus was already present in North America, but it was well managed by the population, i.e., it did not create any symptoms.

The point is that the body can adapt and manage the genetic codes that viruses share as messengers on the planet.

Understanding the Pandemic

The coronavirus of the current pandemic has a very specific link to Ace-2 receptors in the lungs. This is critical to understanding why some people are at greater risk of developing virulent symptoms in the presence of this coronavirus.

Air pollution

Polluting emissions from human technology suspend particles known as PM2.5, less than 2.5 microns, which are particularly dangerous to health. Some of these include a family of cyanide toxins that bind affinity with Ace-2 receptors in the lungs.

The coronavirus binds to these particles and together they overload the receptors.

Let’s take a look at the rest to understand


Glyphosates present in the air, water, food and soil are a range of toxins that are disruptive to the human body. As undesirable weeds in monocultures become more and more resistant, the doses of Round up and other pesticides are increasing and companies are adding even more toxic products to manage soybean, corn, wheat, etc. crops.

Glyphosates in the body prevent the production of certain proteins by inhibiting specific enzyme chains such as Shikimate. This inhibition prevents the activation of a specific gene that allows the control and adaptation to viruses in general.

The use of glyphosates began between the years 1976 and 1980 and since then, the incidence of chronic disease, allergies, autoimmune diseases has only increased. The AIDS virus began producing symptoms in the 1980s when it was already present in the population long before without any problems.

In 1992, the year the United States began spraying wheat monocultures with Round-Up, there was a resurgence of symptoms related to the Hepatitis C virus.

The epicentres of the Covid-19 Pandemic were in China in the places where the most glyphosates were sprayed and where air pollution was the highest in all of China. As was northern Italy, the region with the highest air pollution and where glyphosates are used to prevent adaptation to the virus.

Let’s look at other factors to explain the symptoms in older populations with a medical history.


With age, there is an increase in Ace-2 receptors in the lungs, which allows for the uptake of even more coronavirus and more PM2.5 cyanide.


Of the entire population, the people who had the most complications with coronavirus were mainly those with a history of heart disease, kidney problems and diabetes. Why is this? They share two common classes of medications. Statins and cholesterol-lowering drugs, both of which have the side effect of increasing Ace-2 receptors.

We’re beginning to understand more clearly what’s going on.

Influenza vaccine

In addition, studies have just shown that people who have received the influenza vaccine are more likely to develop coronavirus symptoms. In fact, integrating the genetic information of influenza viruses makes it possible to better assimilate other coronaviruses. To assimilate the genetic information and to have, as they say, “immunity”.

Pandemic cocktail

So an older person, exposed to air pollutants, with a medical history and taking specific medication and exposed to glyphosates would be the perfect combo to prevent their body from regulating the presence of this type of coronavirus when they come into contact with it.

It all becomes clear.

Zach Bush also points out that most people with the virulent symptoms have a reaction to the excess cyanide particles that bind with Ace-2 receptors and actually have the symptoms of cyanide poisoning, with a lack of oxygen in the blood, not an infection. They are treated in hospitals as if they have an infection when they are actually poisoned. This is one of the reasons why the use of ventilators has only made the cases worse and why we can have 80% of patients die in the New York ICU.

In Zach Bush’s vision, each wave of the virus takes 12 to 18 months for the world’s population to take in the genetic information and develop “herd immunity”. In fact, the best thing to do for those who are not in this risk category is to be in contact with the virus and integrate the information. Of course, with the likely arrival of a vaccine in 2021, it will be said that it is a vaccine that has stopped the epidemic, whereas natural herd immunity will have been achieved.

Should we put on a mask?

Do we have to isolate the entire population? Should we stay home?

These questions can be answered when we understand the reality behind the pandemic and the aberration of the response of the medical system and governments.

The Solution

Obviously, the solution to the pandemic and the prevention of future ones lies in a 180-degree turn in the economy and management of agriculture and human technologies.

Transforming agriculture into small-scale permaculture.

Radically eradicate air pollution and toxic emissions.

Reversing the use of medications with natural solutions.

Increasing the efficiency of your body and organs, and detoxifying your body from environmental toxins could be excellent solutions. See my Optimum Protocol for Body Detoxification here and my article on boosting the immune system here.

Of course, billions of dollars are at stake by companies pulling the strings of government, pesticide, pharmaceutical and polluting industries.

Now is the best time for people to wake up to this reality and create change through green and biodiversity-sensitive consumer choices and political demands on the planet to survive as a species. Huge funds need to be poured into green and sustainable alternatives that put human health and the ecosystem in symbiosis.

Share this article if you feel like it with the people around so we can know the reality behind the current situation and make appropriate choices.

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